Does your school community value inclusivity and diversity?

Why not play a key role in shaping the education practices of the future through the Inclusive Schools project.

Inclusive Schools will empower schools across Europe to create inclusive learning practices that are designed to actively engage and challenge their community.

The project supports the creation of an environment in schools where teachers and young people embrace and welcome the challenge and benefits of diversity. Taking an inclusive approach means learning environments are created where every student has an opportunity to succeed.

Schools will play a key role within Inclusive Schools, assisting the project in undertaking the following activities:

  • Developing tools for screening diversity and strategy development
  • Creating practical how-to guidance
  • Training trainers at local and international level
  • Setting up an Inclusive Schools certification scheme

We know that inclusive education is essential in changing minds and breaking down barriers in schools. Schools who join the project will be equipped to make this change happen in their setting.

Inclusive education principles should sit at the heart of every school in Europe. By encouraging and enabling a community of leaders in your school, we will work together to embed inclusive education principles that work for every setting.

Reaching as many schools across Europe is key to the success of Inclusive Schools

The project includes an innovative communications campaign; a plan to open conversation spaces between the school community and policy-makers, creating a channel for a two-way discussion around inclusion and diversity.