Inclusive Schools will focus on tackling discrimination based on a young person’s physical attributes, special needs, race and socioeconomic status.

We want to empower schools to intercultural education – teachings that accept and respect the normality of diversity in all areas of life.

We will work with schools to integrate young people with diverse backgrounds into the heart of their community, helping them to develop a strong sense of both self and togetherness with their peers.

The project will be delivered in partnership with six organisations from the UK, Belgium, Spain, Greece and Poland and will last two years.

We want to involve all of those who play a part in managing schools, including:

  • School communities – school leaders, teachers, professors, students, school advisors, school psychologists and parents.
  • Policy-makers and public authorities’ staff – EU institutions, ministries and local authorities.
  • Institutions and organisations with a focus on education, at both local and European level.
  • Those interested in taking part will form a community of leaders, tasked with contributing ideas to form inclusion strategies for schools across Europe. We will support these school communities to become advocates for cultural change, confident in addressing discrimination and prepared to uphold self-directed initiatives for inclusion.

Working together with these leaders, the project will create a ripple effect across the school community as a whole and support the creation of an action plan to practically deliver future inclusion strategies in European schools.