In 24-26th of January, in Bucharest, CNE – the National School Students’ Council in Romania, with the help of MAKOSZ and Save the Children Romania organized the first Inclusive Schools national training, in which 40 school students from all over Romania learned how to value the methodology of Inclusive Schools in their communities and how to fight for more inclusive educational systems, by using lobby and advocacy mechanisms.

The training was facilitated by Antonia Pup, the president of CNE and a member of the Inclusive Schools Leaders project with the help of Adrian Barbaroș, member of the OBESSU Board. The 3 days study session helped the participants (coming from different schools, having different backgrounds) identify the basic principles for an inclusive schools and made them realise the importance of a school that is friendly for every child. We worked together to develop local key action plans for the following months in order to promote the Inclusive Schools methodology in 200 schools from Romania.

But the journey doesn’t end here – the ambassadors have big plans and they will all develop further their action plans with concrete actions and activities school students can organise in their communities. In addition to that, CNE and MAKOSZ are planning on organising a second national training, in Covasna, a county in Romania in which most of the school students come from the Hungarian minority – the most important message we want to mainstream is that we must be united in order to achieve quality inclusive education for all.