Schools across Europe are taking part in Inclusion Week 2020 – and you are invited to get involved!

Taking place in schools across Europe in 2020, Inclusion Week is a unique way for young people and the school community to learn about children’s rights, putting them into practice and deepening understanding of rights respecting values.

The week will be jam-packed with interactive activities and sessions designed to superpower schools across Europe to become learning environments that place the rights of young people at the heart of their ethos and curriculum.

Inclusion Week is not just about what young people do but also, importantly, what adults do. Be as creative and ambitious as you can with your ideas – through fun and thought provoking activities that work for your setting, children’s rights are promoted and realised and teachers and pupils can work towards this goal together!


Schools can choose a week in the academic calendar between to celebrate – a time that makes sense to them!


The learning can be whatever your school wants to achieve through Inclusion Week. Ideas like awareness and celebration of diversity, the engagement of the community or anything else you decide.


Pick a theme that is either related to one of your priority areas or is most relevant and achievable for your school – something that will spark your learners’ enthusiasm and imagination!


Use the week to develop tailored activities depending on your school’s priorities and interest areas. Flick through the Inscool Inclusion Week manual for suggested activities and material. The arts, cinema, music, painting… you can take forward the theme of inclusion through any creative channel!


All educators, students, parents and local communities can make Inclusion Week happen.

To round off the week, you’ll collaboratively create a small, creative report on your activities and the school will be awarded a certificate in recognition of all your hard work!