We are a collaboration of partner organisations delivering the project in Greece (British Council), Scotland (Scotdec), Spain (ACPP), Poland (Expedition Inside Culture) and Belgium (OBESSU). Take a look below to find out how your local organisation can support your Inscool journey.  Please note that OBESSU works in a number of other countries so please contact them directly if you want to get involved.

British Council is the UK’s international organisation for educational opportunities and cultural relations. It operates in over 110 countries and has over 85 years’ experience of running programmes in English, Arts, Education, and Society. We believe that cultural relations lead to the building of international trust and understanding and the generation of opportunities for individuals to fulfil their potential and fosters the co-operation that contributes to a stable world. To see more: https://www.britishcouncil.gr

The Lifelong Learning Platform (formerly EUCIS-LLL) was created in 2005 and gathers today 41 European networks working in education, training and youth. These organisations represent millions of actors across Europe & cover all sectors of education & training including networks for secondary and higher education, VET, adult education and popular education; networks for students, school heads, parents, HRD professionals, teachers and trainers. LLLP was acknowledged by the European Commission in 2009 as a “unique representation” of lifelong learning of the various education & training actors organised at EU level. It receives an operational support from the EU under the LLP and Erasmus+ programmes since 2010. To see more: http://lllplatform.eu/

The Organizing Bureau of European School Students Unions International, OBESSU is the European platform of national school student organisations and unions. It was founded in April 1975 in Dublin, Ireland. Today, it represents 31 independent, representative and democratic school student organisations in 22 European countries. OBESSU represents the voice of European school students towards various institutions and platforms. OBESSU strives to improve the education systems in Europe, promote school democracy and participation of school students in decision-making. To see more: https://obessu.org/

Scotdec is a Global Learning Centre which has been supporting global citizenship education for nearly 30 years. They engage with partners in Europe in order to ensure that young people are able and motivated to challenge global inequality – creating a fairer future for all. Their vision of work entails an inclusive and participatory way and they have a creative and responsive approach to learning. To see more: http://www.scotdec.org.uk/

ACPP is a secular, non-profit NGO that is independent of any political party. It defends democratic values and stands for social and economic justice. Since its creation in 1990, ACPP has continued to firmly believe in pacifism, tolerance and dialogue. Main objectives of ACPP are:

  • Promoting peace, solidarity and human rights worldwide.
  • Advancing the study, research and promotion of international cooperation.
  • Providing, cultural, social, educational, environmental, health and economic humanitarian assistance to ethnic or social groups that require it anywhere in the world.
  • Providing cultural, social or economic assistance to those in exile and immigrants in Spain.
  • Promoting cultural programs to foster equality between men and women.
  • Encouraging the active participation of young people through programs and protecting children’s rights.
  • Encouraging active social participation through development programs and training of volunteers.
  • Providing assistance and training to teachers and other educational and social agents.

To see more: https://www.acpp.com/

Association Expedition Inside Culture (“Stowarzyszenie Ekspedycja w głąb kultury”) in Poland is an organization formally established in January 2003. It has organized numerous international education projects for youth and adults from Ukraine, Lithuania, Germany, USA, Slovakia, Turkey, Romania and France. EIC manages the learning process and mobility of the groups effectively and in different places and settings always trying to utilize expeditionary learning approach. Among different initiatives, the institution was funded to organize a Grundtvig Workshop: “Expeditionary Learning for Knowledge Society, Intercultural Dialogue and Personal Development”. To see more: https://expedition.org.pl/index.php/pl/

The Institute of Educational Policy (IEP) was established in 2011 with Public Law 3966 (Government Gazette Α΄ 118/24-05-2011). It is a Public entity under private law supervised by the Minister of Education and Religious Affairs. IEP operates for the benefit of public interest as an executive scientific body which supports the Ministry of Education and Religious Affairs, with main aim the scientific research and study of the issues related to primary and secondary education, the transition from secondary to tertiary education, as well as the on-going scientific and technical support for the design and implementation of educational policy issues. The formal development of curriculum and all education material addressed to students in schools in Greece goes through the IEP for approval. To see more: http://iep.edu.gr/en/